Witches' Gets

Witches' Gets

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Thu 20 Feb 2020, 20:00 to 21:10
£10 / £8 concessions
Scottish Storytelling Centre
43-45 High Street
EH1 1SR Edinburgh

This is where the ice burns…
2019 Scotland
Student Kim Seeberg is obsessed with researching the brutality of the Norwegian witch trials on the arctic island of Vardø over 300 years ago. Are the stories of these lost women and girls the true account of those persecuted or is Kim hearing voices?

1663 Vardø
Ingeborg Iversdatter fights to save herself and her sister Kirsten from the stake. But Maren Olufsdatter is proud of the dark power she has inherited from her mother. At last, in a world ruled by men, Maren can have vengeance on all those who branded her witch’s get.

Based on the true events of the 1662-63 Finnmark witch trials in Norway, Aurora Writers present an interpretative ensemble show blending spoken word, film projection, animation, music and movement. All of the characters are based on real women caught up in one of the most devastating witch-hunts in Europe. Written by Noelle Harrison.

‘Emotionally gripping and beautifully performed…’ (Scots Magazine)       #onceawitch

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