Using Story for Personal Empowerment

Using Story for Personal Empowerment

Sun 23 Feb 2020, 10:15 to 12:15
£14 / £7 (Very low income) / £24 (Supporter)
City Art Centre
2 Market St
EH1 1DE Edinburgh

How often does our negative self-talk (the stories we tell ourselves about our abilities) get in the way of us doing the things we would love to do, saying the things we really feel, and generally undermine us? 

This personal development workshop will help us understand our own behaviours and the limits we place on ourselves. We’ll look at some well-known stories – from a Greek myth to a Scottish fairy tale – to identify the patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours of the lead female characters. We will explore their resonance and relevance to our own lives today. Using individual and group activities, discussion, reflection and creative visualisation, we will make friends with ourselves in an effort to transform our way of thinking and being in the world.  

Sunday Saver Ticket: Buy a ticket for this workshop and get one for Jannica Honey's talk and stunning exhibition When the Blackbird Sings or the extraordinary Playback Theatre for just an extra £2. Buy a Sunday Saver Ticket here.

Event Leader

Lynda Dargie
Matrix Storytelling

As Matrix Storytelling, Lynda shares enchanting and wondrous tales with children, young people and adults across a range of settings.  She has found her calling and rediscovered her creativity working with story.  She particularly enjoys stories with healing, magical and transformative themes sharing stories and myths, not only from her native Scotland, but also much further afield.

Lynda has worked as a Police Officer, Primary Teacher and as a Learning & Development Officer with Fife’s Violence Against Women Partnership, her career spanning engagement with both children and adults. She is committed and passionate about using story to promote and foster creativity, voice, self-esteem, emotional literacy and positive mental health and wellbeing across all age groups.  She has a particular interest in social justice and inclusion. 

Lynda also runs her own storytelling workshops and events, as well as her Holistic Therapy business, Matrix Therapies & Healing.