Sirens and Sea Hags

Sirens and Sea Hags

Water Witch
Sat 22 Feb 2020, 15:00 to 15:50
£8 / £5 (Very low income) / £12 (Supporter)
City Art Centre
2 Market St
EH1 1DE Edinburgh

We are bewitched by water, every tear we shed returns to the sea and our bodies are 75% water. We were all water babies once as the amniotic fluid in a mother’s womb is the alchemical mirror image of marine waters. Whilst the moon turns the tide our menstrual moods wax and wane. 

Traditionally fishermen were superstitious: if they met a woman on the way to their boat they turned back. If their wife did the washing the day they sailed many believed she was brewing up a storm, but out at sea these men were easy prey for mermaids, sirens and selkies.

Join us for traditional tales and salty stories that explore our relationship with the sea.

Event Leader

Jan Bee Brown

A professional storyteller and collaborative artist, Jan’s creative practice is driven by folk tradition, sharing stories eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart. Living by the sea, her creel is full of stories and songs of the sea, including ghost ships, sea battles, monsters, stowaways, selkies, sea witches and pirates.