Roller or Ramp Skating Taster Sessions

Roller or Ramp Skating Taster Sessions

Sun 21 Feb 2021, 00:00 to 23:55
£12 / £8 (low income) / £16 (supporter)
Transgression Park
Ocean Terminal, Ocean Drive
EH6 6JJ Edinburgh

Skate of Mind is holding this beginnner roller skating session to support women to enjoy the sport. The session will teach you the basics of roller skating.

You wil be learning how to stand, move and stop on roller skates but depending on your ablity we may cover more. You should learn enough to be able to do the ramp session after this.

The beginner ramp skating sessions are best for women who have some skating experience, though nothing more than being able to skate and stop is needed. If you've never skated before we'd suggest you do the roller skate session earlier in the day, and you should then be fine to join this one as well.The session will give the skater a chance to experience what it is like in a skate park, with an instructor.  You will be supported and have a space cleared for you to learn about stance, falling, rules of the park, equipments and how to use them all. 

After each session we will have a short discussion about body image and how it affects women taking part in physical activities. 

Event Leader

Beginners Roller Skating
Skate of Mind

Gill Harman the founder of Skate of Mind has 22 years of community work experince, 9 years of roller derby and 5 years of ramp skating expeience.  Gill set up Skate of Mind to support people to get fitter and improve their confidence.