No Ladies Please / We Are the Women : 2 Films

No Ladies Please / We Are the Women : 2 Films

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Sun 23 Feb 2020, 12:45 to 14:10
£6 / £10 (Supporter)
City Art Centre
2 Market St
EH1 1DE Edinburgh

This is a great opportunity to discover two new films by Scottish women.

We Are the Women is a documentary in the making, by director Sara Stroud. Inspired by how life has changed for women through the generations, Sara interviewed over 30 women about their life, dreams and aspirations. She will show some clips from the film, and share some of the women's stories and the themes that emerged.  “My Father died at the beginning of this project and I had several life changes. The film explores grief and the many relationships women have throughout our lives as daughters, partners, lovers and Mothers.

No Ladies Please is an affectionate, comical reimagining of an incident that took place in April 1973. A quiet evening at the Grill, Aberdeen’s old, established “mannies’ pub” was disrupted by a gang of female STUC delegates from the conference at the Music Hall that day; they were determined to overturn the pub’s “no ladies” rule, and strike a blow against sexual discrimination... what happened was splashed across the national news. The film, by screenwriter Fiona-Jane Brown and director Yvonne Heald, demonstrates how little has since changed in the gender war.   No Ladies Please won Award of Merit, Best Shorts Festival, LA, USA. Fiona-Jane will introduce and show the film.

Event Leader

Sara Stroud

Sara Stroud is a film maker and lecturer based in Aberdeen, with over 17 years of experience making films, animations and video installations. Her work often involves archive footage and looking at what has gone before. She is particularly interested in local history and her work often has a autobiographical theme. Her work has been commissioned by Channel 4, Aberdeen Performing Arts and Curated Place as part of the Spectra light festival. She is currently a resident Artist as part of the Natur project.

Fiona-Jane Brown

No Ladies Please  was made by Bon Accord Civic Heritage Association, a community group based in Aberdeen, set up by its producer, Dr Fiona-Jane Brown, to present local history to the community and the world in innovative ways.