Love Your Body

Love Your Body

02/24/2018 - 12:45 to 14:30
£5.00 - £35.00
Please pay what you can to help keep the festival alive
City Art Centre
2 Market St
EH1 1DE Edinburgh
Women only

Our culture doesn't want us to like ourselves, telling us constantly that we are never quite good enough. So what can we do to feel satisfied, happy and powerful in our bodies and how can we change the current societal state of affairs?

Come along to this session to discuss the issues surrounding women's body image. There will be a number of audacious women, all working within the field of body image in attendance including; Rosalind Main from @iam_more_than campaign, educator and comedian Jay Lafferty, eating disorder recoverer and wellbeing advocate Fiona Keith and Mental Health Nurse and children's body image champion Abbie Henderson from Penumbra. The workshop will be lead by Danni from The Chachi Power Project.

Join us to discuss Body Positivity, stigma, pressure from our society, gender norms, positive mindset, self love, fat positivity, discrimination and diversity. Leave this session feeling empowered and knowledgable and ready to kick those body image demons into touch. Let's create something powerful, positive and helpful, for you and for the next generation.

Event Leader

Danni Gordon
The Chachi Power Project

Danni is a passionate and creative Body Positive Advocate who is here to remind every body that they are beautiful. 

She created the Chachi Power Project in January 2017 on a mission to improve everyone's body confidence through interactive workshops, talks, events and retreats. 

Her work concentrates on creating a supportive community to help people feel comfortable to share stories, learn more about, and discuss aspects of body image. Tackling issues which can affect individuals as well as society.

With her background in the creative industries she is never far from incorporating art and design into her fun and friendly workshops.

She is a major supporter of the Body Positive Movement which encourages everyone to fully respect and accept all body types regardless of age, race, gender, ability, size, shape or health status.