Gals Guide to Being Audacious

Gals Guide to Being Audacious

Sun 21 Feb 2021, 16:15 to 18:15
£10 / £5 low income / £15 (supporter)
Zoom at the Online Festival

In this workshop designed to reflect the objectives of the Audacious Women Festival. We will focus on rediscovering and reigniting our best audacious selves. To boldly go forward and do that thing you've always wished you dared!

Becoming older often means becoming wiser but it can also mean becoming more risk averse and less adventurous as we've had to focus on careers, families, responsibilities, etc. We can lose our confidence in stepping out of the comfortable routines we've developed. But we all still have a curious and adventurous youthful self desperate to break out and do that thing that challenges and inspires us. 

During this workshop we will explore and share experiences, practice techniques and strategies to boost confidence and bravery, actively support one another in going forward to take on the challenge you've set yourself and ultimately learn to embrace the thrill of acting audaciously.

Event Leader

Cindy Douglas
Find Your Voice

Cindy is a singer, songwriter, coach and social activist. Applying her past business experience as an HR consultant with her experiences as a performer, she coaches women in assertiveness and speaking skills and the importance of authenticity. 
Her curiosity about life and people is constant and has brought her opportunities and experiences that continue to shape her. That curiosity (or low boredom threshold!) has meant changes in career, hobbies (flamenco anyone?) and hair colour! It’s not only curiosity though, it’s a need for change and challenge, to learn and grow. That’s the driving force to her being audacious.