Boldly Box - Where No Woman Has Boxed Before!!

Boldly Box - Where No Woman Has Boxed Before!!

Sun 21 Feb 2021, 12:00 to Mon 22 Feb 2021, 12:55
£10 / £5 (low income) / £15 (supporter)
Zoom at the Online Festival

Boxing is a great way to develop your self belief and determination as well as improving your physical strength and fitness.

This session will introduce some of the techniques and moves used in boxing and let you experience its benefits both to the body and mind. The session is suitable for all abilities and experience, promising to take each person involved further than they thought they could go. Whatever your ability it will push your boundaries, leave you feeling energised and confident and help you Discover Your Ability with something you may not have tried before.

In response to Covid, the exercioses in this session have been designed to be done at home, either alone or with someone else in your bubble. Challenge yourself or challenge others in your bubble or friends online. Please wear trainers or similar and have enough space that you can turn a circle with your arms out straight.

All proceeds from the work that Rachael does goes into the Able2B project she co-founded.

Event Leader

Rachael Hutchinson
Rachael Hutchinson
Able2B CIC

Rachael Hutchinson is 50 years old and was born and lives in Norwich. She studied medicine in Leeds beforing completing her surgical training and then her orthopaedic training in Sheffield. She spent time in America and Australia working within orthopaedics before completing a further fellowship in foot and ankle surgery in the UK. Being the first person in her family to go on to higher education and also one of the first women with children in the UK to work as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at a teaching hospital, she has never followed the standard path!! Working mainly with children and adults with disabilities she saw that general lifestyle opportunities such as strength and fitness were missing for this population-so she set up her own, now award winning, service to deal with the issue by co-founding Able2B with Jon Thaxton, former British and European Boxing Champion. Being ill herself in 2018, she turned to boxing to regain her fitness and mental well-being-wanting to become more self-confident. She has since completed REPPS fitness instructor training so she can help deliver the classes that Able2B is using to improve outcomes for people with a disability. More recently she has signed up to a masters in Public Health, trully believing that some exercise is an essential part of a healthly lifestyle for everyone, whatever their ability.