What are the guiding principles of the Audacious Women Festival?

The Audacious Women Collective invites and supports women to take their first steps on a journey to audacity. We provide safe, single-sex spaces to empower women to “Do What You Always Wish You Dared” and also run events celebrating audacious women everywhere.

How often is the Audacious Women Festival held?

The Festival has run annually since 2016. It usually takes place over the last weekend in February.

What type of events do you hold?

We mainly run workshops, hold conversations, present exhibitions and promote performances and music events. But we are open to any event which meets our criteria.

Who are the event leaders?

Most of our event leaders are individual women, but we also work with some partner organisations.

Who can be an Audacious Women Festival partner or event leader?

Individual women or organisations who accept our guiding principles can make a proposal for an event at the Festival. The final decision on which events are included in the programme rests with the Audacious Women Collective.

Who decides on the programme?

The Audacious Women Collective decides which events to include in the programme.

Are event leaders and performers paid?

Workshop leaders and performers are paid a fair agreed fee.

How long does each event last?

Festival workshops generally last a couple of hours but we also run shorter or longer sessions where appropriate. The timing of different types of events varies according to their nature. The time required for an event is not itself a barrier to including it.

Some events are "women only". What does this mean?

These are mostly participative events which offer a safe space to women. We recognise and value the diversity of women's experiences. We include transwomen within our women only events. 

Can men participate in the  Audacious Women Festival?

Yes. We run a number of open events which people of all genders are welcome to attend.

How is the Audacious Women Festival funded?

The Festival is self-funded from ticket sales and donations. It is supported by the voluntary work of the Audacious Women Collective.

How are ticket prices set?

Ticket prices are set at a level which covers all the Festival’s costs. We also want the Festival to be as widely accessible as possible. There are three ticket prices: a "standard" price which reflects the cost of providing the Festival; a "concession" which makes the Festival accessible to a wider group of women; and a "supporter" ticket which helps the Festival to continue, and to balance the books! We also try to provide a number of free events.